About TinyChallenges

In 2013 I started experimenting sporadically with small challenges in order to make better use of my time, remove excuses, have fun and generally improve my life - one tiny step at a time. 

In December of 2014 I committed to doing a random monthly challenge for every month of 2015 that had 31 days in it. Because of the momentum and fun, it quickly grew into something I did every single month. I was never very consistent with how I tagged these projects. Sometimes it was #31days, #30days, sometimes #randomadventures, it varied depending on what I was doing.

My friend Brad Heintz suggested, upon joining me for a monthly challenge, unifying the name to something easier to follow and making it easier for others to join along. We landed on the name: "tinychallenges".

My approach: I base my challenges on the philosophies of behavioral design:

  • Prompt (something that tells me its time to do the thing)
  • Action (do the small thing)
  • Celebrate (a small cheer or fist pump congratulating myself for doing the thing)

Each month I choose a theme and some guidelines to keep the challenge simple and achievable, and set out to cross the finish line. This is about experimenting, and finishing. Sometimes I stumble, days have been missed, life happens. What I try to keep in mind is this quote from one of my all-time favorite movies:

"It doesn't matter if I lost this fight. All I want to do is go the distance."  
-Rocky Balboa, from the movie Rocky

I keep going. I learn more, I do more, I have FUN. 

With the encouragement of Brad Heintz and many others #tinychallenges is blossoming into a small, supportive community of people who get rid of excuses and DO THINGS. Check it out:
--> tinychallenges.com <--

Here are some of my favorite #tinychallenges: