Jaimee is an internationally sought after keynote speaker with inspiring talks delivered around the world. She speaks at global conferences for web & mobile design & development, women-in-tech, women-in-leadership, motivation/inspiration, change, growth, self-evolution, and self-reinvention. 

"Jaimee brings a glorious energy that will have your audience feeling electrified, motivated, and empowered to deliver their best, most heartfelt work of their life." 

PAST Conferences + Keynotes


Oct 6 Women Who Test: Disneyland Hotel

Aug 1-8 *Private Engagement* East Coast Tour

May 23-26 *Private Engagement* Las Vegas

May 4-6 Inspiration/Motivation *Private Engagement*

An Event Apart: Boston, MA

Mobile Dev&Test (workshops + session)

YOSEMITE by CocoaConf


Nov 4-5 CocoaConf, San Jose, CA

Oct 27 StarCanada, Toronto, ON

Oct 7 WomenWhoTest, Disneyland Hotel

Oct 3-5 An Event Apart SPECIAL EDITION, DisneyWorld

Sept 27-29 Release Notes, Indianapolis IN

July 25-26 An Event Apart, Washington DC

June 15 AltConf (during WWDC), San Francisco, CA

May 22-25 UIKonf, Heimathafen, Berlin

May 7 CocoaConf, Seattle, WA

May 6 StarEast+WomenWhoTest, Orlando, FL

Apr 20-22 Mobile Dev + Test, San Diego, CA

Apr 14-16 CocoaConf, Austin, TX

Mar 24-26 CocoaConf, Chicago, IL

Mar 14-17 YOSEMITE by CocoaConf, Yosemite National Park

Mar 10-12 RWDevCon, Alexandra, VA



Nov 10-13 Better Software Conf East, Orlando, FL

Nov 5-7 CocoaConf, San Jose, CA

Oct 22-26 (Private Engagement), Los Angeles, CA

Oct 9-11 CocoaLove, Philadelphia, PA

Oct 2 Women Who, Disneyland, CA

Sept 16-19 CocoaConf, Boston, MA

July 26-31 Volunteering: AppCamp4Girls Portland, OR

July 9-12 CocoaConf, Columbus, OH

June 14-17 Giant Conf, Charleston, SC

June 8-10  Layers, San Francisco, CA

June 10 UX Strategies Summit, San Francisco, CA

May 8-9  CocoaConf, Portland, OR

April 20-24 YOSEMITE, Yosemite National Park

April 13-17 Mobile Dev + Test, San Diego, CA

March 26-28, CocoaConf, Chicago, IL

March 16-18  NSConference 7, Leicester, UK

January 23  TinyGiant, Charlotte, NC

Jan 7 Intro to Agile Seminar, Las Vegas, NV



Nov 14-15 CocoaConf, Boston, MA

Nov 4-6 Web Summit, Dublin Ireland

Oct 27-29 An Event Apart, Disney World, FL

Sept 19-20 CocoaConf, Las Vegas, NV

Sept 8-9 YOW Connected, Melbourne, VIC

July 21-23 An Event Apart, Washington DC

July 15-17 Mobile + Web DevCon, Chicago, IL

April 25-27 CocoaConf, San Jose, CA

March 27-29 CocoaConf, Washington DC

March 5-7 QConLondon, London

January 28-30 Mobile + Web DevCon, San Francisco, CA



Nov 15-16 CocoaConf, Atlanta, GA

Nov 5-7 App Developers Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 7-8 MacTech Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Oct 25-26 StarTechConf, Santiago, Chile

Oct 14-15 Digital PM Summit, Philadelphia, PA  

Aug 18-20 CocoaConf, Portland, OR

June 12-14 QCon, Brooklyn, New York  

May 24 One More Thing, Melbourne, Australia  

April 12-14 Úll, Dublin, Ireland 

April 18-20 CocoaConf, San Jose, CA

March 21-23 CocoaConf, Washington, DC

March 7-9 CocoaConf, Chicago, IL 

January 21-23 Renaissance.io, San Francisco, CA



October 360Min, Las Vegas, NV 

October 21-23 CocoaConf, Portland, OR 

Sept 17 NSconf Mini, Leicester, UK 

Sept 9-12 360iDev, Denver, CO 

Aug 9-12 CocoaConf, Columbus, OH 

July 26 Adobe Meet Up, Las Vegas, NV 

(happy to share older experiences upon request.) 


(30-min version, Yosemite National Park via CocoaConf)

(30-min version. Athena, UK via NSConf)

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