Stories of Things

Stories of Things - The Blue Typewriter

I don’t typically place a ton of value in everyday objects. I appreciate useful things, beautiful design and thoughtful execution, but my personal take on the stuff we buy and surround ourselves with is mostly unattached. What I do love is when the things people surround themselves with, hold beautiful and interesting little stories. The objects become a sort of memory time capsules. I'd like to share 24 tiny stories for the next 24 days of December.

The Blue Typewriter

When I was a little kid, about 6 or 7 years old, my mom got a new word processor. When she got it, she gave my sister and me her old blue typewriter. We loved it. We could play office, and school. She’d also given us a box of unused checkbooks from an old, closed account so we could do pretend payroll and feel fancy and grown up. I loved typing on that old typewriter. The childhood memories are really fond ones.

I shared this story with my boyfriend some time ago. For my birthday this year, he presented me with the one in the photo. Almost exactly as I remember the one from my childhood. I don’t use this one, but I love it. I love the memories that flood into my mind every single time I look at it. I love that it makes me smile. It reminds me of fun and imagination. It reminds me of play and creativity and possibility. Funny how a thing like a typewriter can represent such a range of feelings.