NaNoWriMo2015 Journal


I am officially a 2015 NaNoWriMo participant. \o/
National Novel Writing Month: 50,000 words, 30 days, No excuses.

NaNoWriMo Log - Day One: 
I woke at 4:30a Pacific Time. Thank the heavens for the end of daylight savings time, my normal 5:30a wake time instantly became 4:30a. My body didn't even notice the difference. Last year that worked out for me from Nov-March, hoping it does again. The kids - still asleep from a late night of Trick-or-Treating and a celebratory "stay-up-late night". A perfectly quiet morning, my writing spot sits at a window with a view of the rising sun. Fireplace going. Coffee in hand. Conditions for day one somehow worked out to be ridiculously perfect. I finally STARTED after four years of putting it off. A great reminder that challenges should totally feel this exciting every time.

I wrote with all the fire and fury of a well-caffeinated, super-charged machine. My brain and my fingers were unstoppable until 6:18a. I know I won't have this large or perfect a time window every day, so I made the most of it while it was there. I exceeded the 1667 word goal by a lot, so the extra words go into "the bank" for the days I expect where the words don't flow out of my typing fingertips as fluidly as they did today.

In this moment, I feel so, so grateful.

Special thanks to @Archimage (NaNoWriMo-er since 2009) for your encouragement, experience and guidance as I step into this amazing journey. Best advice ever: "One word at a time."

Good luck to all embarking on this mad-awesome challenge!