Stories of Things

Stories of Things - The '70s Spatula

When I moved out of my parents house to venture out on my own, into grown-up-hood, my mom sent me off with some of her old household items so that I wouldn't have to spend the money on new stuff. This spatula from the 1970s was one of those things. It's still one of my favorite spatulas, not just because of the memories of my mom and how she always tried to make sure I had everything I needed to face the world, and not just because of the awesome avocado green plastic handle that has endured repeat abuse from high-temperature pans, but because it works better than just about any other spatula I've purchased in 20+ years. I've tried many, many spatulas over the years. Spatula makers in the '70s knew what they were doing. 

This little retro spatula holds a lot of memories for me. A lifetime, really. College, marriage, apartments, homes, divorce, children, guests, independence, motherhood, pancakes... my mom. I think of my mom every single time I use it, and it makes me smile. This spatula and I will continue on together until one of us is no longer. I'll use it because it's the spatula that gets the job done no matter what I'm cooking up, especially pancakes. And because it's a time capsule full of wonderful memories.

I hope this spatula outlives me, it may make a great story for one of my daughters to share some day.