Total "Mom" Day (+bonus video)

January 23, 2016

Today was full-on mom duties from 5am until about 30 seconds ago when I sat down to write about the day. I suppose that's a weird thing to say, I'm always an on-duty mom, it's just that many days are a mindful weaving of kid things and work things and home things and whatnot. Fellow parents, you're feelin' me, yes?

Sophia (10yr old) had her season performance 1 of 2 this morning at the House of Blues Las Vegas, inside Mandalay Bay. Today was the breakfast show (9am), tomorrow will be a later time slot. The show was so, so good. Kids ages 10-17 performing a tribute to Iron Maiden + Judas Priest. It was an impressive 2 hour, 23 song show. It's about an hour drive for us each way, have to have her there an hour early, we were home by noon just in time to get Zia to gymnastics. Home, lunch, talking, laughing, movies, cats, dinner, time together. A good day. I should note, Sophia is a really quiet kid, this is her third show, getting on stage is a BIG DEAL for her. Super proud!

Had a few requests for a sound clip and/or video of the rock show. If you're an Iron Maiden fan, you may appreciate this one.

School of Rock Las Vegas West, kids ages 10-17 perform Iron Maiden Tribute: Number of the Beast at House of Blues Las Vegas on 1/23/2016.