On Your Mark, Get Set... Daily Journal: Jan 16, 2016

Tomorrow morning, I'm participating in the Star Wars Half Marathon. The last Half I ran was in 2004, a few months before my doctor told me I should stop running until after my first kid was born. I was 6 months pregnant then. I switched to yoga, and really never went back to running. Last year I trained and participated in a Color Run 5k in Las Vegas. I loved it. It reminded me of all the things I'd once loved, but had somehow forgotten about running. I didn't maintain a regular running schedule, however. I dabbled for a few months. But when I heard about this Star Wars Half Marathon in June, I had to sign up. I figured I'd have plenty of time to train and get re-acclimated for such a distance, yet, I had already run full-length marathons, so the idea of a half just never felt intimidating again. I'm a little nervous now, the night before. I am not prepared at all, and I'm doing all the things the "rules" of running tell you not to do. And I ate WAY too much for dinner tonight. But I'm doing this event nonetheless. It's almost like an experiment to see exactly where I'm at physically and mentally. A Half is a respectable distance. It's no joke, yet, I haven't taken it very seriously at all. I will be slow. I will embrace the entertainment, and the scenery. I'm seriously in it for the fun, that's about as serious as I'm getting about it.  ;) 

It'll be dark at the start, but I'll be posting a lot of photos and maybe even a periscope or two, so if you're interested in having a look, keep an eye on my -->Twitter and -->Instagram accounts.

The personal project has been on hold during my trip, but my daily journal continues. The half marathon, friends, food, and fun are my focus until Monday.  To ensure there's no confusion, the half marathon is not my #tinychallenges focus for January, this daily journal is. The Half is something happening along the way. 

See you tomorrow, folks!