Driving the Crazy Train: Journal - Jan 14, 2016

The photo captures today pretty perfectly. It felt a bit like I was driving a crazy train, but it was infused with fun the whole time. I got about 11 minutes in on the personal project. I wanted to do so much more but other things were more pressing today. Daniel Steinberg and I got episode 2 of our #tinychallenges podcast live. Getting kids ready for school, even though we had the same amount of time we always have, for some reason felt extra short and rushed today. Feeling rushed always results in a little bit of stress. Then I had some loose ends to tie up on the work front before driving to Southern California for the weekend. And there was a lot of stuff to get in order before we headed out.

The drive was pleasant, I love road trips, even if it's a stretch of road I've traveled thousands of times. I take it easy, I don't rush. My time with Ken was magical, I expect it'll continue being awesome through the weekend. 

We're bundling some birthday celebration for Ken in with a race I signed up to run back in June. I'll share more about the race on Sunday. It should be pretty cool.

Posting much later than anticipated today due to some late night Disney-ing and dinner, and patience-testing with hotel wifi. ;)

More tomorrow!