Challenge Topics


Want to do a #30days or #31days challenge but not sure what to do for that many consecutive days?
Maybe these will spark some ideas!

Feel free to use any of them, or come up with your own. 

  • #TIL (today I learned) - What did you learn today?
  • #Inspiration - What/Who Inspires you?
  • #SongAday - Favorite songs?
  • #PageAday - Read more, start with 1 page per day!
  • #justwrite - Share one sentence per day.
  • #justwrite - Share one paragraph per day.
  • #Observations - Daily observations
  • #Tips or #HowTo - Good at something? Share tips!
  • #Compliments - Be kind! A compliment a day.
  • #Gratitude - What are you grateful for? (Share 1-a-day)
  • #SketchAday - A sketch a day!
  • #PhotoAday - One photo every day.
  • #ClearTheJunk - Get rid of one thing (per day) you don't need

These can go ANYWHERE. Remember, it's about FUN.