30 tips in 30 days on writing and giving talks at conferences.


Know how long the talk you plan to give is going to be and aim to hit it.

I've been doing this a while now and I do not always hit the mark to the minute, I get better with time and practice like everyone should. That said, one sure sign of a beginner or someone who hasn't practiced their talk a few times, is timing. We almost always blow through our talk way faster than we meant to when we're first starting out. A handful of folks go way over on the time. I think if we're within 5 minutes + or -, we're in the safety zone. 

Bonus Plan B:
If there's a Q&A portion in the talk time window and/or you end way earlier than you meant to, like 36 minutes into a 60 minute time slot, or even right on time with a reasonable time budget for Q&A there's a chance no one will have questions for you. You still have a responsibility to fill the time window you were charged with filling, be prepared with a few of your own questions that you can spark audience participation with. 

Note: All tips written for my #talktips #30days challenge are written in 5 minutes or less.
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