30 tips in 30 days on writing and giving talks at conferences.


I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities I've had to speak at conferences around the world, I seriously doubt I would have ever ventured so far from home on my own.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow through sharing and exploring.

I'm grateful for all the really amazing people I've met, for the conference organizers and new friends, for the things I've learned from others on these adventures.

And since we're on the topic of gratitude, I do like to close each talk with two little bits of gratitude:

  1. a simple "thank you" at the end of the talk
  2. a follow up Twitter post of gratitude for the conf and attendees.

If you've been following my #30days of #talktips, I am grateful for you and your participation, as well. 

Tomorrow is a new day, time for a new adventure. I hope I'll see you there!