30 tips in 30 days on writing and giving talks at conferences.


In the very first talks I did, I let a selection of photos I'd taken auto-play in the background while I told a story. My thought was to give the audience something interesting to watch in case I was boring. 

While I still struggle with self-confidence in many ways, I've let go of the idea I'm totally boring and instead work to make sure if I'm going to have slides with my talk, they're minimal and offer some sort of supportive value. I like to make sure my talk is never dependent upon the slides. There's probably a good balance to be found and I'm still playing with that.
Something I learned is, it's really good practice to give talks that have no slides. It's all you. 

Slides done well can enhance your talk. For me, I like to subtly surface a piece of myself in my slides, like making my own artwork. Most of all, I focus on simplicity and I experiment a little here and there to find what feels right for me and my presentation style. 

If you're going to use slides, have some fun with 'em!