30 tips in 30 days on writing and giving talks at conferences.


In yesterday's post I touched on editing through different lenses: 
Focus. Clear messaging. Flow. Simplicity. Typos. Accuracy.

For me, changing "lenses" is almost like I'm physically changing a pair of glasses. It's a mental gear shifting, going from one editing mode to another. I carefully review the whole talk for one thing: Focus on my message. I finish, and I do it again, this time only for typos. And again, this time for flow. And so on. Note, I've still not even thought about slide design at this point in my own process. I save that step for last. Then design gets its own round or two of editing.

All this said, I still need a lot of practice on this. Typos still happen from time-to-time. Topics and stories still wonder off a bit here and there. But on the plus side, awareness and thinking about these things helps me become a better talk writer and giver, a tiny little bit with every talk I bring into the world.

Any notes or tips on editing you'd like to share?