30 tips in 30 days on writing and giving talks at conferences.


I have a lot of thoughts on editing, and since I'm writing these tips in 5-minute bursts, I'll be breaking "edit" out across a few days.

In general, I never stop editing and revising a talk. I get it to a point where I think it's ready enough to give, I give it, I edit it. With some talks, I start over completely, stripping the talk down to focus even MORE than it was already. It's easier to edit when you have feedback. So, something I'm really working on doing more of, is sharing my talk with a few trusted friends in my early editing rounds so that I can get some genuine feedback before I actually give the talk. 

With or without this external feedback, talks need mindful editing.

If I've learned anything about my own process for writing talks it's to give myself enough time to edit the thing through a few different lenses: 
Focus. Clear messaging. Flow. Simplicity. Typos. Accuracy.

What tips do you have about editing talks?