Jaimee has worked with some of the world's best teams using her highly developed skill for behavioral psychology-applied design and human interaction to improve team collaboration, camaraderie, and communication.


I serve as a consultant to corporate leadership on Employee and Leadership development, engagement, communication opportunities, and challenges. With years of C-level and board experience, I work with teams as a coach, connector, and skills developer. I excel at making order out of chaos, with a very flexible and adaptable approach. I understand imperfection, and Iā€™m able to balance the need for structure and guidelines with the need to be creative and progressive.


  • Collaborate with Company leaders and HR to understand core values, culture, current strengths, weaknesses and goals.

  • Conduct virtual and onsite engagement health checks for assigned teams.

  • Keep a pulse on morale, engagement, growth, feedback, performance and projected impact.

  • Guide and develop communication skills amongst individuals in order to cultivate open and transparent dialogue and strengthen leadership skills.

  • Handle difficult conversations with skill and sensitivity, when/if needed.

  • Build and support a feedback culture through training, coaching, and accountability partnership.


  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching/mentorship for individuals

  • Workshop series for teams

  • Motivational/Inspirational keynote(s) for companies/organizations/events

After a 15-year, award-winning design career I successfully shifted focus from hands-on product creation and team management to coaching, advising, and inspiring world-renowned product teams through actionable examples, skills-development, relatable stories, and constant experimentation in order to create more engaged and compassionate teams, leaders, and vastly improved digital products. 

Across my career, I have collaborated with remarkable companies like Audi, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Disney, McDonalds, Nintendo, UNLV, Zappos, and many more.