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Stories of Things - The Piano

Several months after my mom passed away in 2002, my dad started clearing their house out. I had just moved into my very own first home, and I had very different taste than my parents. I didn't really want much of the furniture because I wanted to create my own stamp on my home. I did inherit the family piano, though. It lives in the media nook in my home office (which in many homes might be called a living room.)

This piano lived at my folks' house for the better part of my young life. I never did learn to play. My sister and I took a few lessons as a kid, but we never enjoyed learning to play so my parents didn't make us continue. We played it in little spurts and occasionally had friends over that could play beautifully. I took one piano class in college, which I really enjoyed, and my parents offered it to me then, but I think the piano may have been bigger than the place I lived at the time. Everything I learned from that class faded from lack of use. I've poked at it a little here and there, and started learning to play John Lennon's Imagine by watching video lessons on YouTube. My girls poke at it though neither of them take formal lessons for piano playing. I do enjoy Zia's custom made serenades. Sophia prefers electric guitar. 

It sits more than it gets used, but I have to admit I really like having the piano around. It reminds me of my childhood home. It reminds me of my parents. It's a nice thing to get to build my own home around.