Stories of Things

Stories of Things - The Calendars

I keep several calendars around the house in addition to my digital calendar. I have two year-at-a-glance wet-erase calendars (currently 2015-2016, adding 2017 this week) that show my conference schedule, my coaching sessions, workshop dates, phone calls and blog/article due dates. I suppose that all qualifies as "work stuff". I also use those wall calendars to red-X my tinychallenges, inspired by something I'd read once about Jerry Seinfeld's 'write a joke every day' strategy. You can read that post by James Clear -->here<--

I have a large desk calendar for keeping track of kid stuff in a way that they can interact with. The artwork and special notes you see in the photo were done by my six-year-old, Zia. I love the kids participation in the calendar updates, I think it's good for them to know where they can look to see what's happening in their world, and to contribute. Earlier in the year, Zia took the marker to several months throughout the year and told me the Fairy of Happiness had marked "Happy Days". And as much as I wish they loved school, there's beauty in seeing the enthusiastic visual expression for being on vacation. There's a lot to be learned from watching how kids think about planning.

While I'll make modest strides toward 'greener' ways of staying organized, these little interactions the kids have with the giant desk calendars are wonderful things that I would have a hard time letting go of anytime soon. It's fun and incredibly magical.