Stories of Things

Stories of Things - The ToDo Book

A bargain-bin blank journal that I've made my own, my ToDo book is nearing maximum capacity. As 2016 approaches, I've started thinking about its replacement and glancing through all the history this lil guy holds of the past year-and-a-half of my life. I've tried every conceivable form of digital todo list, and I can't seem to keep up with them. My brain seems to understand writing things down the old-fashioned way.

Lists, ideas, focus, gaps in time, distraction, failure, accomplishment, discovery, memory, growth. It's really cool to see how and where my methods of organization have fallen short or succeeded in such a relatively short expanse of time. The most apparent thing is the reinforcement these books provide, of the importance of writing down your goals, and breaking them down. I'll use the last few pages to capture a retrospective of learnings and set up the goals, hopes, ideas and general ToDos that will carry me into 2016.

How to you keep track of your goals and tasks? Do you do it all in one place? Do you do it digitally or manually? Any tips or tricks you love?