I serve individuals seeking to live fully, embrace who they are, and not be defined by the current state of things.
Athletes have coaches that offer support and objective insight to bring about massive growth and improvement in their game. Individuals that seek the support and objective insight of a coach gain the power and courage to design their own path in life. 

 I help individuals with:

  • Navigating your career path

  • Owning your time

  • Preventing burnout

  • Overcoming burnout

  • Getting "unstuck"

  • Designing your life

  • #tinychallenges - tiny steps to giant changes

  • Financial independence


My clients range from C-level executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and organizational leaders across info tech, digital agency, design and multimedia industries to musicians, developers, designers and writers -- and folks who identify themselves as "just regular people".


My coaching is not about "fixing" you. My coaching focuses on leveraging your strengths, clarifying what's most important to you and identifying what may be stopping you in order to help you grow to new levels.
Everyone's path is different, I help you uncover rhythms, habits, and focus that fit into your life as it is, in order to help you shift toward the life you want.

I recommend starting here:



The introductory package gives us a chance to try this coaching/advising thing out without committing to a full 6-month or 12-month engagement.
The intro package costs $500 and is good for one year from the date of purchase.  I offer gift certificates, too!

Here's how the introductory package works:


Our first call is 30 minutes over Skype (voice or video, your choice.*)
In the first call, we'll get comfortable with each other and I'll have a few questions that will help shape our time together.
I follow this call up with a summary email, and some homework tailored around our conversation, things to think about or other sorts of inspiration to ponder until our next call.


Our second call is 1 hour over Skype (video recommended) 2-4 weeks after our first call.
I leave this intentionally undefined because everyone's path is different. 
After our session, you'll get a summary email and a 6-month plan outline, thoughtful considerations and/or inspiration uniquely crafted for you.


Our third call is 30 minutes over Skype (video recommended) 4-6 weeks after our second call.
This call serves as a follow-up to our previous session and to gather your thoughts on the 6-month plan.
You will have a choice at this point to continue forward with your 6-month plan together, or give it a go on your own.

*On-site / In-person sessions (as opposed to video) are available upon request for additional cost.