Open Letters

Introduction: Open Letters Series

My "tinychallenge" for December 2015 is an Open Letters series.

My open letters are inspired somewhat by Timothy McSweeney’s “Open Letters to People or Entities Unlikely to Respond” in combination with own monthly #tinychallenges, emphasis on gratitude.

My open letters are a way of thanking different people for the impression or inspiration they’ve left on me. Whether my list of 31 is publicly recognizable or completely obscure, all of them have inspired me, pushed me to grow, or otherwise influenced some part of my direction in life. There is no sequence or order of hierarchy, I created a list of 55 bullets over the past few days, I will consult the list each morning and write to whichever feels right that day.

My personal rules for this series:
    • 31 days, one letter per day
    • each letter must be written in 45 minutes or less   
    • each letter must be posted publicly upon completion (no editing)      

With that, let the journey begin!

Jaimee Newberry
December 2015