Open Letters

An Open Letter to the Awesome People Who Actually Follow My Monthly Challenges

Dear Awesome People,

It’s my twelfth consecutive month of monthly challenges. Woo! But the thing is, I may have challenged myself into a corner of sorts. I’ve really been struggling with my own topic this month, my open letters series. It seemed like a great idea when I was in the prep stages, but each morning as I sit down to write, instead of feeling super excited to write, which is how I normally feel about my writing and video projects, I’m feeling the opposite. I'm putting off my writing until the end of the day (two days in a row now.) And that is not what these challenges are about. They are about pushing boundaries, exploring and having FUN. If they're not fun, I'm on the wrong path. 

Maybe I’ve said all I have to say in the way of open letters? Maybe after my really positive experience with my first NaNoWriMo challenge, I’m drained of depth and meaningful words?  

I’ve given this a good deal of thought because I’ve been feeling this since day 02 this month. It’s an experience I’ve not run into in any of my prior challenges. So here’s what I’m thinking…

I’m not going to stop writing, I will continue 31 consecutive days of writing as committed, but I am going to switch gears. I need to choose something I can really connect with. While it’s always a little scary to serve your heart and feelings up on a plate by way of public post, pushing myself to explore is exactly what these challenges are about. I’m feeling like my open letters have filled the space they needed to fill, I need to reach further, push harder, challenge myself in a different way. 
My next post will be a different direction than open letters, but rest assured I shall continue through Dec 31! 

If you are participating in #tinychallenges, or a 30 or 31-days challenge of any sort, or if you simply follow along in reading these various adventures I would love to hear your thoughts on this gear changing business. 

Thank you for reading and for your support in these little experiments. I appreciate it!