NaNoWriMo2015 Journal

Fear, my friend, we are doing this.

#NaNoWriMo LOG: DAY 04 (A 1st Timer's Journey)
Today was a little bit more of a squeeze to get the words out. The first thousand words came fairly fluidly, but the second thousand were broken into smaller bursts. I checked email at one point, needed a restroom break a few minutes later. Sat back down, entered my words into the "verifier" and was 200 short of 1667. So I belted more out and ended up coming in a bit over. Thank goodness! I have a lot of concerns running through my brain right now about the days ahead. Here's what some of those look like:

"Do I actually have enough ideas to put 50,000 words worth of them into this book concept?"
"If it's this hard to squeeze words out on DAY 04, what is DAY 10 going to feel like?" 
"Holy crap, what did I sign myself up for?"

In good news, every time I think out a concern, a tiny voice even further back in my head calmly states stuff like, 
"It's fine. Stop thinking so much, just write words. You can sort it out later."
"Better to have way too many useless words to edit away later than not enough."
"You're really adding a lot of clarity to some of these ideas, keep doing that."

All this is good and sort of funny. Funny how fears can work to seize us up if we allow them. Fear can be such a bully sometimes. I know that fear is hardwired into our systems, and with that I understand that I'm not trying to overcome fear so much as I'm trying to bring fear along for the ride.

Fear, my friend, we are doing this. 

Today's stats: 
Started writing at 4:40
Stopped writing at 6:01
2042 words, bringing my current total to 11,565