NaNoWriMo2015 Journal

A Project Within A Project

#NaNoWriMo LOG: DAY 03 (A 1st Timer's Journey)
I woke around 4:05a and tried to force myself back to sleep until my 4:30a alarm went off. I couldn't go back to sleep because my mind immediately started churning on what I would write today. I stayed in bed with my eyes closed, thinking, until the alarm informed me it was time to move. I noticed a little less spring in my step this morning, slightly less enthusiasm now that the adrenaline of the initial kickoff is officially over, but my mind and my heart are still really, really IN THIS. (!!!)

I considered this may come up when I wrote my Day 02 journal post yesterday, and since it DID come up on Twitter let's address it. ;)
Are you counting these journal posts in your daily NaNoWriMo word count?

No. These posts are completely separate from my daily word-count and have actually turned into a project-within-a-project that I'm rather enjoying. Part of my personal journey here is to chronical my experience carefully, and I'm including a daily self-portrait (are these just called "selfies" now?) with each post. 
I feel it's important to capture a photo of my environment in addition to the brief journal post for the sake of memory. I will be traveling throughout the month and when I look back on this experience, I don't want to forget the details and locations because they are factors that may contribute to or hinder my success. I don't know which but I'm leaning toward success. ;)
I thought about doing a daily YouTube post, but that's not where my heart is on this challenge. I may end up doing a weekly post there, we'll see. I also don't want to overwhelm myself (or the good people following along) with too much stuff. 

Today's stats:
I started writing at 4:36a and stopped at 5:57a, 2327 words today bringing my total word count to 9523. When I saw I was so close to 10,000 I tried squeezing more words out for my project, but I couldn't find any more for today. I still exceeded the daily goal of 1667 words, which puts a few more words in the bank, should I need them later on in the month.
I'll take it! \o/