NaNoWriMo2015 Journal

From a Giant Chair in a Hotel Room

#NaNoWriMo LOG: DAY 11 (A 1st Timer's Journey) 
Day one at the hotel in Orlando. I sat in a big chair in the dark (I know, it's light in the photo, I waited until daylight to snap the pic), with those black-out shades closed so that I didn't wake Ken with the light and my tap-tapping on my keyboard. I stuck to my normal time zone time, but it's much later here so I'm typing this journal post with a good deal of a hurry under my fingertips. 

I'll do my talk today, in just a couple hours. The nerves always set in right before I do a talk. *Gulp*
This morning I jumped around a lot in my writing. I kept it in one chunk at the end of my giant NaNo "manuscript" but topically, I jumped through about six different blocks of thought. 
I'm going to keep this post super brief, I need to get myself readied and downstairs so I can find where I'm going to be speaking and get checked in and all that good stuff.

Have a beautiful day, more tomorrow!

Today's stats: 
Started writing at 7:40a ET
Stopped writing at 9:12a ET

2038 words today, bringing my current total to 26,139