All the Feels

January 26, 2016
While some great things were happening on some fronts today, some down times where happening for others I care about. That's an interesting place emotionally, a crazy cocktail of joyful excitement mixed with empathetic concern.

I feel lucky for, and humbled by the life I have. 

I made very positive progress on client work, that filled the bulk of my day.  I also did dinner & homework with my kiddos, played with Play-Doh and attempted a Minecraft parkour course created by my 6-year-old. I didn't even know she knew what parkour was.

Personal project: 0 minutes completed today. 

Progress on some things. Not-progress on others. The day brought extreme contrast on multiple fronts. Contrast reminds me how important ups and downs are.
I feel present. I am feeling moments and appreciating them for what they are. I feel intentional, with enough room to remain flexible and up for whatever may come. I feel peace. I feel rested. I feel grateful. 

Rocking and Rolling and Sticking and Stuff...

January 21, 2016
Today went by so quickly. I feel like I've said that nearly every other day this month. Eesh... I suppose that's a good sign in a way, that there's plenty going on and I'm staying good and busy with it all.

#tinychallenges as a community is growing nicely! There are a handful of participants, some who follow the podcast, some doing their own thing, some on the Slack channel EVERYONE welcome to join! (Learn more here) It's really cool hearing/seeing/learning how folks are doing, and how we can grow tinychallenges to become even better. Super thanks to all those currently doing stuff! So very awesome!

The personal project got no love today, I'm in a bit of a stuck spot on it again BUT I think I can move through this a bit more easily than before. I think my key for this sticking point will be working similarly to how I worked through the big NaNoWriMo challenge. I need to be excited enough about finishing this as I was about that. And to carve out the time just like I did for NaNo. That was some lean, mean discipline! ;) 

I'm excited about a lot that's going on right now. Lots of great things happening, lots of varying directions. And bonus, I got to reveal two more of my 2016 speaking dates previously marked as *On Hold* - wooHOO! Very excited about all the really incredible opportunities the speaking circuit holds this year. You can check those out --> here <--

That's the daily journal report for today, good friends. Thank you for reading!



Thoughts While Driving

January 18, 2016
Today was full of driving. And thinking. And singing along with Morrissey. 

I thought about how to get my kids to want to do some 5k events with me. Sophia expressed some interest in doing one, as long as it was a Zombie run, we’re considering the “5krundead”.

I thought about how sore my legs are today, it’s comical, really. 

I thought about food, because I endlessly feel like this is my biggest challenge in life. Eating well, and teaching my kids healthy habits. Deciding “what’s for lunch/dinner.” Ugh.

I thought about what an amazing Star Wars Half Marathon weekend we just had.

I thought about my 3 words from our #tinychallenges podcast (inspired by Chris Brogan), and how I would make decisions that support those words. And while I was thinking about that, I thought about some ways to make #tinychallenges a little more helpful for folks just starting out. When I got home I did some work on that, and I plan to get that on the site before February.

I thought about all the things I need to write down/add to my master todo list, and sort for the week. 

A super short post today, overall it was a pretty uneventful day, lots of driving, lots of thinking. A good amount of singing. ;)