Jeez... Everyone Hated That Post

January 29, 2016

The title. My exact thought as I peeked in this morning to see if I had any comments or reads on my post from yesterday. NOTHING. ZERO. No reads. Usually, there's SOMETHING. A twitter exchanges, or comments or some nice advice. There's always something. I thought, "Oh man... what did I say? Are people sick of me saying nothing at all in these stupid journal posts?" Then I realized, I hit SAVE, not SAVE & PUBLISH. Even though I've done this action literally hundreds of days in a row, somehow I still eff'd it up. Welcome to 40? Have I officially become my parents when it comes to using technology?

I use SquareSpace for my website and blogging tool. I like it. As someone who started their career of designing and coding websites many moons ago, I appreciate it's simplicity. Like most tools, there's tiny bit of learning curve at first. There are times that I can't get it to do what I want it to do, but mostly, it's easy. I've let go of the desire to control every pixel, I work within their templates and that's good enough for my purposes. I've got nothing to prove on the code or design side anymore, now my focus is on writing and coaching and staring out the window while I push a button that broadcasts my words to the internet.

As long as I push the right button, that is.

YESTERDAY'S "Waiting in Drafts" POST:

January 28, 2016
It's another one of those days where I seriously have nothing to write about. It's hard to write when you have nothing much to say, yet, it's important to write through those moments. 

I have these days pretty regularly when I leave my writing to journaling, as opposed to my themed writing (talk tips, stories of things, 31people, etc.) I know these days of pushing through the wordless page are important ones for me. What I've found when I push through "the nothing" is that my world beyond writing is expanded, and I can quietly smile.

How do I push through "the nothing"?

For me, with writing, I start typing words. These days tend to start out the same, "It's another one of those days..." blahblahblah. Before long, I have something. Even if it's there's no real story about it all. I'm writing, and getting the thoughts out. 

A cool thing, I think I just stumbled upon in this exact moment through writing it out, is that I could push myself in new ways by forcing myself to start in a different way. Anytime I catch myself starting out with a line like that, from this point forward, I will push myself to change it up. Reach further, push from a different angle. How about that! Perfect example of stuff that can happen when you simply DO the thing. If it’s writing, write the words, even when there are none. You never know when something magical might happen. 

What do you get stuck on? How do you push through?