Decision-Junctions: Jan 13, 2016

This week is flying by so swiftly! I made some pretty significant progress on the personal project today, my friends. It didn't feel like a lot of movement in the scheme of how much is left to do, but doing something as simple as making a decision that narrows the focus is HUGE progress. Sometimes projects are exactly that - a series of making focus-inducing decisions. Move through one decision, line up the next one that needs to be made. And so on. The sticky point for me with this latest decision-junction has been having three different potential directions, and cycling through all three in various stages because I haven't been certain about which path was the right one to keep moving down.

I believe I've made a decision. I believe this will offer a great degree of focus. Now I've got to pull it together and finish, no matter what it takes. Then, if I feel like other directions are worth pursuing afterward, awesome. If not, on to new projects! (Focus, Jaimee. Focus.)

I'm headed to CA tomorrow. Participating in the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland on Sunday. Making up for missed birthday celebrations for Ken in-between. I'll share the merriment periodically, and continue plugging away on work and personal project #1 stuff throughout.

What do YOU do to stay focused and keep moving through decision-junctions?