Friends, Food, Fun: Daily Journal - Jan 15, 2016

If I were to summarize what today was about, it would be these three things:

We got to meet up with several folks throughout the day at Disneyland. I'm really grateful for technology. When we used to do Disneyland back in my high school days, coordinating logistics was often chaos. "Meet me at this location, at this time" always seemed simple enough until you get to the spot and realize you didn't communicate some hugely important detail that makes the difference in finding that person or complete frustration due to inability to find that person. Now, we text stuff instantly. "I'm here!" "We're here, we don't see you" "Describe what you see" "Ducks and benches" "Don't move, we'll be right there." 


We ate some great food. Tried out that Jazz Kitchen joint in Downtown Disney. Two thumbs up on the Filet Mignon. Great accommodation for those needing gluten free or dietary restricted options.


Today was ridiculously fun. We saw all the great Star Wars stuff going on at Disneyland right now, I nearly kissed a Stormtrooper, I discovered the life-sized BobaFett statue is a bit shorter than I'd imagined. And we saw the Iron Man suit that "Tony Stark was able to build in a cave! With a box of scraps!"

Excellent bonus, we got to watch Elton John play his red piano in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, while hanging out with one of our favorite YouTube personalities. 

This day was one for the memory books. Looking forward to the big Star Wars Half Marathon on Sunday! I'll be doing lots of social media posts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) throughout the event. Hope you'll join me!