Realizations of the Day: Jan 09, 2016

Today was awesome. I made progress. I also did all sorts of action-packed mom stuff. I feel super energized!

Today was way more than normal running about with kid activities and such, I don't normally design my schedule to keep me running all over the place, but it happens that way from time to time. It all worked out. I feel like a big leap forward happened today and I think it was just the burst of adrenaline I needed. 

Realizations of the Day:

When You Feel Like You've Got Nothing Left, Keep Going
I know this already. I do that entire talk about coming back from burnout. But I'll be damned if sometimes feeling like you've got nothing left happens anyway. And sometimes it isn't from burnout at all. Sometimes it's just because you lose focus. Sometimes we need to be reminded of things we already know. It's OK to allow yourself time to simply exist and regroup. It's OK to feel the gravity of the downs for a bit. Don't get stuck there.
Today was like a firm but friendly elbow-jab to the ribs. Time to keep going. Not stopping. Going!

Listen to Your Body, Listen to Your Heart
My big fat head thinks it knows a lot. It doesn't. When I stop overthinking, I can hear. I can feel. And I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

I Think "Realizations of the Day" May Be The Way To Finish January

Excited to see what tomorrow brings. <3