Realizations of the Day: Jan 08, 2016

Today was good. I made some progress. I think yesterday was a lot of beating myself up, but knowing deep down all I really have to do is make the decision to DO. That’s it.

Excuses are almost funny, except when they prevail. Not so funny when I let the excuse win. 

Realizations of the day:

I’ve been saving my daily journal post until the end of the day, usually right before bed, but I really don’t enjoy writing this late. I think this is a noteworthy realization. My brain feels tired, more like I’m squeezing it to make words instead of how it feels when I write in the morning.

In the morning, it’s just a different flow. I’m waking up, it’s like my brain is unfolding more and more as I type. This is something I need to listen to.

I’ve been working from home since 2011. And independently since 2013. I love my work. I have a really hard time explaining what I do when asked. I do a lot of different things, but I don’t design mobile apps or websites anymore. I help teams that do those things. And I write, I podcast, I experiment and sometimes those experiments become paid work. I coach companies and individuals. I help clients with stuff they need help with. I have a design background and everything I’ve ever done informs what I do. I suck at describing what I do, because I feel like the expectation is that there’s a simple word or two for it. There’s not. If I had to simplify it, I’d say, “I help people.” More and more, I’m coming to grips with not being able to describe what I do. I just keep doing things and occasionally the examples of things I love doing make sense to someone who wants to pay me to do those things with/for them. Somehow it’s working out really well. I feel like I should keep rolling with it until the wheels fall off. 

That’s it for today. I may shift my journaling schedule a bit for the duration of January, lumping everything into my favorite morning hours instead of staying up past my bedtime to do it. We’ll see! Thanks for reading, and extra thanks for those who’ve sent notes/comments/tips/encouragement. I appreciate every single word!

This is day 08 of my #tinychallenges daily journal.

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