Great Days in Different Ways

The past couple days have been really, really good days. Productivity always feels great but my productivity is often centered around time with people who add great value to my life. Catching up over coffee or lunch with friends. A phone or video call with someone who's far away. I try to make a point of doing this a few times per month. Some friends I see more frequently than others, and some I don't see nearly enough. Making time for people who matter to me has moved way, way up on the priority list. (Jim and Dee, if you are reading this I'm coming to get you soon!)

I have a lot of people I'd like to catch up with sooner than later. I'm chipping away nicely at that list in no particular order. It makes me giggle a little bit when people start their sentence with, "I know you're busy but..." I'm busy, yes. But never too busy for sincere, human exchange. That is the core of productivity for me. 

Did I work on my #tinychallenges today? Yep. Got it knocked out first thing this morning. 30 minutes down on the personal project today. A little bit jammed up on some stuff, but I'll get through it. ;)