Learning How to be Proud of Progress

Life changes are not an instant 180-degree moment of decision and POOF! Amazing life! For me, life changes have been about waking up over and over again and deciding that TODAY, I will take that step toward what I want. Sometimes it is only one, single step. Other times I get a step and a skip. Maybe two or three steps when things are going super awesome. Sometimes I slip on a banana peel and just lay there for a minute. So to speak.

I’m in my 14th consecutive month of one-month challenges. Attempting a new challenge every month means believing in myself harder than I've ever believed in myself before, which continues to be my biggest struggle. I beat myself up about that a lot. I’m also learning how to be proud of my progress.

#tinychallenges was born out of the effort to make progress every single day. Today’s progress was tiny, indeed, but it was progress. I can be proud of that.

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This is day 05 of my #tinychallenges daily journal.