It's Moving So Fast Already!

My #tinychallenge this month is a funny bundle, so I'm still trying to find the right rhythm. I'm doing the 3 words challenge along with our podcast show, I'm doing my personal project #1, and I'm doing this daily journal on how it's all going.

If I'm being honest, today felt a little bonkers despite being pretty organized.

It started a little rough and concerning, but almost immediately got really interesting and... I suppose the best word I can find to describe it is inspiring. 

I DID get about 20 minutes worth of work done on Personal Project #1. I woke at 5am, actually got out of bed around 5:15 and I got crackin'. That felt great. Of course I wanted to do more but since I set out to do at least 5 minutes, I can feel accomplished that I was able to do a whopping 20.

Got the kids out the door to school, which after two weeks of no school can occasionally be a bit of a stressy rush, but they did really well today. I'm very grateful for mornings like today on the kids-to-school front.

The rest of the day was a very broad variety of phone calls (and a couple emails.) Some not great news, some great news, some interesting prospects and extra bonus fun: Daniel and I recorded episode 2 of the tinychallenges show, which will go live on January 14. \o/

Ken and I fit a grocery run in, glad we did because if much more of the day had escaped it wouldn't have happened. Kid pickup was at 3:45, homework, dinner, drive Sophia to/from music practice, home, catch up on work emails, write this post... it wasn't really THAT bad when I write it out, but I'm totally done for today. My pillow is going to feel so awesome when my head greets it. It all went by SO quickly. Can you believe it's already January FOURTH of 2016? 

Insane! But also, I'm feeling really good about the direction it's taking.