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Q&A post: Jaimee - Are you still at MartianCraft?

Helloooooo Friends! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

I've been hearing this question a lot, so I'm writing to share some exciting news. As of today, I am stepping out of my role as Chief Operations Officer at MartianCraft in order to put focus on Picture This Clothing (picturethisclothing.com). 

PTC unexpectedly went viral about a week after we launched (Launched August 17, 2016) and after seeing how it was going to play out over the last three months, it's clear that this is where I need to put the bulk of my attention. I did try juggling two full time gigs (plus being a mom and whatnot) there for a couple months, but whoosh! Doing all that is more than I can sustain for any greater length of time.

I will remain an advisor/coach with MartianCraft's C-level team, which is how I originally started with MartianCraft more than a year ago. It's a bitter-sweet change for me because I absolutely adore MartianCraft and the amazing team there. At the same time, my new thing is also pretty exciting and it needs a great deal of love if it's going to thrive.

Ben Brooks will be taking over the Chief Operations Officer role at MartianCraft, all will be in great hands with him and Kyle.