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Chris M. asks: What Kind of Coaching Do You Do?


Chris, this seems to be one of those questions I get asked a lot. And since I started offering my services as a coach, I've spent some time refining and targeting my offerings based on what I've been able to help clients with the most. Let's start with your second question first!

YES! I'm almost ALWAYS taking on new clients. If you're curious about how that works, there's a Q&A form to the right, under my mugshot, let's schedule some time to talk!

As for what kind of coaching I do, I've broken it into 3 chunks:


Many of my corp/enterprise clients have worked very hard to embrace rapid and collaborative development processes via Agile and UX methodologies, or are seeking to fold more design thinking and multi-disciplinary collaboration into their companies, products and teams. Sometimes making such shifts is a big challenge. Sometimes teams resist or don't understand the value. Sometimes it's the teams that want the change and it's the executive level team that doesn't fully understand the value. And often, my corporate and agency clients offer my individual coaching as a benefit to their employees, so I can help them stay engaged and growing professionally, and personally.

I bring insight, perspective and practices proven to improve the culture, collaboration, and product processes. These teams do the hard work, I am there to help keep them pointed in the right direction. 


My agency clients tend to have very nimble, efficient teams but run into team-client communication challenges, and/or team development challenges. Smaller teams tend to wear many hats, and don't often have time for building team development strategies. THIS is where I come in.

I have experience growing design and development teams as a unit and on an individual level, evolving interpersonal communications from interns to C-level execs. I help these companies by tailoring improvements around their specific needs. I work with them to create happier/healthier team ecology and vastly improved relationships with clients. 


My individual clients range across writers, developers, musicians, interior designers, UX practitioners, managers, directors and C-level executives in pursuit of improvement and growth, personally and professionally.  

Often my corporate and agency clients offer my individual coaching as a benefit to their employees. Many of my individual clients are independent professionals seeking to change careers, find focus and passion, take their career to the next level, get through burnout or improve overall life rituals and habits.

I hope this answers your question, Chris. If not, though please feel free to ask for more!