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Mr. @Hay Asks:

Q: Could you share your reason to record at 0430?

A: YES! As a matter of fact, I get this question a lot and I have a beautiful 15-minute window right now, so let's answer this! 

In regard to my 4:30am YouTube video journal series.
Last Oct-Nov I had 3 back-to-back trips: Florida, then Ireland, then Boston. Somewhere along the way we also had the time change (Fall back an hour), and ever since my body clock has had me waking up somewhere between 4-4:30am PST.

On Nov 30, I decided to kick December off with a daily writing project called #31days31people. Every post was started at 4:30am, as well. My household begins stirring around 6:30am, so this ended up being PERFECT.

I've been wanting to try all these things - write MORE, figure out how to make a YouTube channel even if it isn't pretty, and a whole bunch more stuff that I plan to continue unfolding throughout the year. But like many of us, life gets in the way and I kept finding all the reasons why I COULDN'T do all these things I wanted to do. Then the whole body clock shift happened so I seized the moment and have been running with it ever since. I don't know if it will last but so far, I am kicking off every day by putting something positive out into the world, which feels nice. Then I either run or do yoga, depending on the day, and by 6:30a the household is waking and it's getting kids ready for school then settling in for a day of work, which varies day-to-day.
By 8:30pm I'm mostly pooped.

Also, I've received the question:
"If you're waking up at 4:30am, what time are you going to bed?" 

Typically around 9pm. Later when I'm worried about something, slightly earlier if all is well. 
I believe heartily in getting plenty of sleep,  that is also a thing that my body decided to do pretty much on its own in June of 2009. Another story for another day.