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Approx 15 people at the last 2 conferences I attended asked:

Q: So... What do you do now? Do you still design products?

A: Two part question with a two part answer.

I'm a Coach and Mentor. 

I've combined my 15+ years as a web and mobile experience designer with life-coach training into a practice focused on coaching and mentoring UX/Product/Creative/Dev and Executive teams. My clients are Fortune 100 companies, agencies and startups. I’ve worked with some of the world’s best and continue helping top teams grow stronger, happier and more efficient. 

My work also extends into individual-coaching engagements. Past and present clients include writers, developers, musicians, interior designers, UX practitioners and CEOs in pursuit of self-improvement and/or getting "un-stuck" personally and professionally.

The emphasis of my work, even when I was hands-on designing, is building empathy and personality into web and mobile app products. Emotional engagement and laser-like focus is my thing.

I'm not so hands-on anymore, now I help teams and individuals make better products. I do still work on my own personal projects and experiments.
Instead of hiring me to design a product for you, you hire me to help your already awesome team improve their UX and/or communication skills, or the strategy for your product. Or you hire me to assemble or build upon an awesome UX or Creative team, to create your awesome products. Or you hire me to help your engineers, marketers or business teams learn how to fold UX thinking into their regular work rhythms.

I stay on top of the latest Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design standards. I still get absolutely stoked when things like AppleWATCH and iPhone 6 get announced.  I have so much love for the devices we create for, and want to help keep your teams on top of the latest developments. I speak all over the world about how to capture your users attention, gaining their affection and winning their devotion.

You can check out my services page or contact me if you'd like to learn more, or discuss working together. <3


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