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@tmayr asks...

If you had to recommend 3 books regarding Design and/or UX, which ones would you choose? Bonus points if they're on Amazon / App Store!

Well my friend, you are in luck. Before I dive in, let me thank you for being my FIRST QUESTION on the new project here. WoooooHOOO!

So then.
I actually have a listing of my favorite books posted in a couple places. Over at ohheyjaimee.tumblr.com/resources you'll see a listing of books that do or have influenced my professional life and growth.  

My three picks are: The Design of Everyday Things, Design is a Job and Designing for Emotion. And from that link there, each book title should take you directly to Amazon. Woot! You're international, though so you may have to do some magical maneuvers to make that work out. Let me know what that process is, perhaps we can set up an easier path for international folks? That'd be rad!

And, if I may offer just a little bit more (we met for a few minutes, you know how I like to go on.)
If you are really interested in UX, it comes largely down to your human skills. Watching, observing, listening to and empathizing with human beings, their nuances, environments, behaviors, actions, reactions - their emotions. This can be watching in the context of a product you need feedback on, or in the context of simply watching people in any day-to-day situation. Watch, learn, empathize, create solutions. 

Anyone else have some great design and/or UX book suggestions?