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The @jaimeejaimee Q&A Hour - Whaa?

I was told by my super-best-friend-who-is-a-boy recently, that I should, “start a thing that’s kind of like Dear Abby, but it’s asking JaimeeJaimee instead.”
I’m really keen on the idea because in all the travel and speaking that I’ve been lucky enough to do over the last couple years, answering questions is my favorite part. I’ve shifted a few of my talks to simply be full on Q&A sessions, many without slides, because it’s a format that allows me to connect with people more directly, answer questions that are specific to the audience - THEIR situations. And really, just have a dialogue instead of just yapping AT people.

I should probably disclaimer some things. I’m not professing in any way that I’ll always have the right answers. And for many, you may not even find my answers to be good answers. I’ll have only my own experience to draw upon but I’m excited to share things I’ve learned and am working through, and I’m excited to learn about YOU through the dialogue we can have, started by your questions. Maybe it’s all just an introvert’s way of being social. :) 

Part of the inspiration for this comes from the questions that have been asked after my talks, “zOMC (Oh My Clients!)” and “Designing Engagement.” zOMC is about introspective exploration in working with clients, and Designing Engagement is about helping designers, developers, product managers, companies, brands, etc. think about giving the work they make a sense of personality and human emotion. It’s rooted in some UX but dives into the understanding of who YOU are (as a brand, a product or a human being) in order to really effectively engage with your very specific target audience - or clients.  

The questions that have come after I give these talks cover a really awesome range. Some are very work/project related but many dive into a deeper pathway of personal growth and the seeking-out of happiness, empathy and connection. I LOVE THIS. I think many of us are in constant stages of self-evaluation. I sure am. Much of the work I’m doing now has shaken out of my own explorations in seeking a life that feels balanced and spacious. I think the work we do directly relates to our quality of life. So let’s dig in, K? And please, send me anything you think I may be able to offer some perspective on and I’ll give it my best response.

By the way, your answers are welcome, too. I have only two rules:

        1. Be Kind.
        2. Don’t Make a Problem.

I learned those from my daughter’s kindergarten class a few years ago. Awesome rules for life. And for communities!

OK, friends. Anyone want to get me started with a question?