Little Kids Wearing Makeup

When we launched Picture This Clothing in August of 2016, things blew up virally on the internet before we had a chance to even process what was happening. The internet being what it is, I got to hear lots of rage about what a really horrible, horrible person I was, and message I was sending, to feature little girls wearing makeup on our website. For the record, I didn’t put makeup on the kids on our website.

Here’s the story.

We launched Picture This Clothing as a proof-of-concept back in August of 2016. For proofs-of-concept you do as many things as swiftly and on the cheap as possible just to get the idea out into the world. We still did it with care for quality and detail, but one of the things we did as swiftly and inexpensively as we could was take our own website/product photos. We didn’t hire models or a photographer. I had an iPhone 6 and two seven-year-olds eager to help out.

When we first launched, we only offered dresses. T-shirts are far more complex garments to make (all of our garments are cut & sew, we don’t use pre-assembled clothing), so we figured we’d test the dresses first and see how it went, if things went well we’d add t-shirts, and so-on. Additionally, this concept was born out of a dress I’d made for my youngest daughter Zia from a drawing she’d done, so dresses just seemed to make sense as a starting point.

Zia’s best friend Gigi had spent the night, her parents had given permission for her to participate with Zia in a photoshoot for our little idea. The girls knew it was “picture day”, so after breakfast I asked them to go get picture-ready. In my mind, this meant brushing their hair and teeth. Gigi and Zia interpreted it differently. They vanished for a good hour, I was sidetracked getting the space ready for photo-taking but eventually they emerged “ready” for their big photoshoot…


Please don’t focus on the creepy butter-knives, we don’t make habit of playing with kitchen cutlery in our home. They asked if they could use them specifically to take “scary photos”, I said yes since they’d done all this fine work on their faces and costumes. Gigi and Zia have been best friends since they met at day-care when they were two-and-a-half years old. This, to me, (sans butter-knives) is a totally normal morning with these two. They play. They dress up. They imagine. They giggle. They dream.

But ya, I had some face scrubbing to do to get them to the point where we could take the photos that were used on the website. I really thought I’d done a pretty good job considering where we started. But there’s always stuff no one sees.

Zia and Gigi were seven in these photos. They use makeup for play, not for self-esteem. I think it’s great.

I welcome all thoughts on kids and makeup!

Jaimee Newberry

Zia on the Picture This Clothing home page on launch day, August 17, 2016

Zia on the Picture This Clothing home page on launch day, August 17, 2016

Gigi on the Picture This Clothing “Dress” landing page on launch day, August 17, 2016

Gigi on the Picture This Clothing “Dress” landing page on launch day, August 17, 2016

My 3 Words for 2019

A few years back my friend Daniel Steinberg introduced me to Chris Brogan’s “3 Words Process” while we were experimenting with our own TinyChallenges podcast.

I sat down to write yesterday because writing (again) is one of the things I want to do for myself in the coming year. I decided that one day out of every week in 2019 (Sundays) I would use my currently-dedicated gym time to write, that way there would be no excuse about not having time - the time was carved out two-and-a-half years ago and healthily maintained as gym time. I didn't foresee a swap-out of one thing for another being the challenge it was. It totally was, though. I did NOT want to get out of bed yesterday.

Once I peeled myself out of bed I decided to write about 2018. I bored myself with my own words and thoughts after about 20 minutes and quickly distracted myself by checking-in on work. 3 hours later I was still working on work things that could've waited. I guess I'm a bit out of practice.

While I'm discouraged that writing didn't feel wonderful and freeing and like the only thing ever that I want to do for the rest of my life, as it used to... this, like many things, will take me some time to rebuild a recurring practice around and I choose to be OK with that. 

I thought about my three words for a long time. At first, I had eight words and it was tough for me to focus on them long enough to prioritize them. I decided that today I will make time. So here's where I've landed (in no particular order). 
Since the launch and viral chaos of Picture This Clothing in August of 2016, almost everything else took a back seat. At first, the company completely took over our home. Eventually, we subleased a small space near our manufacturer, then in 2018, we took on a lease of our own and it's an amazing space! 

My home, however, has never fully recovered. My mind has never fully recovered. This year I will get a handle on the many bits that feel like a straight-up 10,000 lb glitter explosion. 

In prior years it was a goal to make more space in my life. I believe I have done that to quite a solid degree since I started that journey in 2013. Creating space, in my own definition, was about hugging-in and focusing only on what is important. Clearing out the noise. Saying "no" more so that there is space to breathe, feel, and exist with pointed intention. Now it's time to expand mindfully within the space I have carved out. I made the mistake last year of expanding too quickly beyond the space. While that had some benefits, it also had some enormous negative consequences. Hopefully, this has been a well-learned lesson that bears no repeating. 

Relationships require cultivating, care, attention, and presence. I want to improve my presence in the relationships I most value. Life is too short not to put more focus here.

While I've never been much of a "resolutions" kind-a-girl, I'm a huge advocate for goals and writing things down - for me writing is the clarity of vision that defines doing versus not doing. :) 

Happy 2019, friends!


A very quick recap of 2018:

  • With the exception of slowing down over Christmas break, I continued my streak of going to the gym at least 4 times per week. I’ll hit the 3-year mark of this routine in May of 2019.

  • Got an incredible office space and established our own manufacturing shop (we print, cut, sew, thread-clip, label, pack, and ship every single piece in-house) for Picture This Clothing free of any bank-loans or outside investment.

  • Invited to Shark Tank. Went and failed miserably. It will never air but was a great experience.

  • Experimented a ton (and had lots of fun) with videos for Picture This Clothing.

  • As far as I know, my kids and Ken don’t hate me and I think they’re all amazing.

  • Started speaking at conferences again.